(Video) In Rural Ohio, Trump Voters Wait For Corporations To Relocate To Them

Wilmington, Ohio, was devastated in 2008 when DHL left and took more than 7,000 jobs with them. In election 2016, the town voted overwhelmingly for Trump. Now, Wilmington waits for corporations to relocate to their area.

Wilmington, Ohio, was devastated in 2008 when DHL left and took more than 7,000 jobs with them. In election 2016, the town voted overwhelmingly for Trump. Now, Wilmington waits for corporations to relocate to their area.

Live by the stupid, die by the stupid.


Mike, you seem like a bright, thoughtful, caring person. Lose the Confederate do-rag. It sends a racist/xenophobic message. Maybe the next company considering coming to town will be headquartered in another nation.


I get being scared because your jobs left and you worry about the future. totally get it. what I don't get is voting for someone so demonstrably horrible as trump. I don't get why you thought this billionaire would give shit about you. I don't get how you could ignore the deplorable way he talks about and treats people from all different walks of life. I don't get how you thought it would all be o.k. as long as he would save your white asses. I really want to feel sorry for you folks and your economic problems but I just can't. all I can feel for you people is disgust. your support of a demagogue like trump makes me feel ashamed to be an American.


Trust me, no one is chomping at the bit to relocate to Ohio, ground zero for opioid addiction, rust, and dying industries like coal fired power plants,....


People that are starving will try to eat anything... boilled shoe leather, grass, bark, dirt... anything.

These people were starving, and they ate up all of Trumps lies... Amazon moving there had nothing to do with Trump, and DHL leaving had nothing to do with Obama...

I mean
Bush SR
Bush JR and the whole horde of child raping sexist racist member of the entire GOP house and senate have been telling these people the same old BULLSHIT since the 1980s

And every year and every election they have been thrown under the bus and fucked over!

the overwhelming theme that has stayed consistent is the hatred and bigotry for the other:


Yes, they would like their jobs, BUT ABOVE ALL, like all zealots from Shin Fain to ISIS, the HATE for the other rules their world.

These racist bigoted scum are jsut smart enough to cough up this excuse for the public


Maybe do like so many of us have done. Move to where there are jobs.


These folks are in for such a rude awakening, not only is corporate America going to make a move to relocate there, unless there's a tax incentive, they are about to lose their ability to afford health insurance!

Yet I bet they don't have similar concerns for urban areas where such opportunities have also disappeared.

I hope you don't starve to death... Or die of some preventable condition... while you wait for the GOP to do anything that might help you. They are systematically destroying what safety net there was. They're even going after Social Security - they don't want to have to repay the $2.6 TRILLION dollars that congress "borrowed" (and spent) from the Social Security Trust Fund since not long after the Social Security Systems was setup. Instead of a self funding trust fund, it is a fiction with nothing in it but $2.6 Trillion in apparently worthless IOUs from Congress... https://www.forbes.com/sites/merrillmatthews/2011/07/13/what-happened-to-the-2-6-trillion-social-security-trust-fund/#6911aba84947


God forbid people have to remove the Confederate flags from their heads and go back to school and learn a new technical trade in order to be more employable in the modern economy. Even if companies do move to Ohio or anywhere else in the rust belt, the labor force there does not have the requisite education or training to fill the jobs that would be available; that region is some of the most uneducated population in the United States. That's why Drumpf's slogan of MAGA is nothing but a dog whistle for white fear and wishing to go back to a time when all people needed was a High School Diploma to get a good paying job that lasted their whole life. That is a long lost fairy tale. But if you try to tell folks that, they get pissed and go on some hateful rant like Cor508 mentioned. Instead of taking responsibility for themselves, Trump voters want to blame immigrants for "taking their jobs." Really?! I didn't see Mara Lago trying very hard to hire Americans for the positions it had available. In fact, it ran the smallest of ads possible for only a few days and required people to FAX in their resumes....who faxes in a resume anymore? Then the ad disappeared. Why? Because that is all Trump and Mara Lago had to do to meet the minimum requirements to say they could not find American workers to fill their positions and thus need to bring in (lower paid) immigrant workers. But yeah, all you folks in OH keep on waiting for Trump to rescue you..hahaha. I imagine you'll grow mold in your fat folds before that will ever happen.


Did he forget that Ohio was a Union state?

I find it extremely hard to generate any sympathy for a guy in a Confederate flag hat. Sorry.

Maybe those corporations will willingly come back to the US and bring the jobs with them about the same time christ returns?

Yet in WV and other coal mining states, Hillary Clinton acknowledges that the coal industry is dying, and proposed bringing in new industry and training for better jobs while trump promised to bring back coal mining. We know who they voted for, go figure.


This obese person lives in OHIO, but is wearing a traitors flag on his head. Does he not have any comprehension of how ridiculous that looks? I'm a native Vermonter and I've seen Vermonters with that traitors flag on their vehicles and homes. That is such a slap in the face to our ancestral Vermonters who, once we were accepted into it--fought hard to keep this Union whole.
If I was a business owner--there is no way I'd hire ANYONE who wore or displayed that traitors flag, either in real life, or online. If that's the kind of attitude that prevails up there--it's easy to see why DHL cut its losses and LEFT.

Reporting live from Central Dumbfukistan...


Isn't it a little ironic that a company owned by a man who Trump hates will boost the ecomony that voted heavily Trump? What has Trump actually done for these people but fill them with false hope.