U.S. Healthcare Ranked Worst In The Developed World

The White House/Flickr/Public Domain

Of the eleven developed nations evaluated by the Commonwealth Fund, the United States comes in dead last on healthcare.

Every three years, the Commonwealth Fund releases a report ranking the healthcare systems of 11 of the world’s developed nation. And every three years, it seems, the United States comes in dead last.

Last released in 2017, the report showed for the sixth time that the U.S. healthcare system is in dire need of a makeover, citing the inequity of access as the most glaring problem.

The Commonwealth Fund focused on care process, access, administrative efficiency, equity and health care outcomes, studying 72 indicators within those fields. The 11 countries analyzed were Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The report found that 44 percent of low-income Americans have trouble gaining access to coverage compared with 26 percent of high-income Americans.

The one area where the U.S. does shine?

In addition to ranking last or close to last in access, administrative efficiency, equity and health care outcomes, the U.S. was found to spend the most money on health care.

The glaring difference between the United States and its peer countries is the lack of universal healthcare coverage -- a system continuously rejected by America’s political establishment.

“To gain more than incremental improvement,..the U.S. may need to pursue different approaches to organizing and financing the delivery system,” the report reads. “These could include strengthening primary care, supporting organizations that excel at care coordination and moving away from fee-for-service payment to other types of purchasing that create incentives to better coordinate care. These steps should ensure early diagnosis and treatment, improve the affordability of care, and ultimately improve the health of all Americans.”

Though the next report is not due out until 2020, there is little reason to believe its findings will be much different.

After taking control of the federal government, Republicans have worked diligently -- if not quite successfully -- to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and whittle away at the number of Americans qualifying for Medicaid, largely through state-mandated work requirements.

And as reported earlier this month, President Donald Trump also recently signed an executive order that has the potential to impact the availability of healthcare coverage for low-income Americans.

Trump signed the Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility executive order privately Tuesday, ordering secretaries across the government to review their welfare programs — from food stamps to Medicaid to housing programs — and propose new regulations, like work requirements.

The executive order calls on federal agencies to enforce current work requirements, propose additional, stronger requirements, and find savings (in other words, make cuts), and to give states more flexibility to run welfare programs.

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Why aren’t you showing a picture of the Obama administration who is responsible for the healthcare mess. Not Trump who has nothing to fo with the ranking being in office 10 months. But is being thearted by democrats at everystep in trying to fix the Obamacare nightmare that bogs the healthcare system down with paperwork and does nothing to improve healthcare system.

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Republicans seem to conveniently forget that your side of the aisle was the party of "NO" for 8 years. It is very sad that your blindness to the destruction republicans have done since your savior Trump was unfortunately elected. But, he is not working for the middle class or poor that tax cut was specifically to enrich the wealthy and you will eventually end up paying more in your taxes to pay for it. LEARN ONE THING! TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS ONLY WORKS FOR THE WEALTHY, IT HAS NEVER BENEFITED ANYONE ELSE!


Considering that the US has ranked dead last in healthcare since at least 2000, you have to have to be wearing a very special kind of tinted glasses to blame Obama for it -- or Trump, or Bush, for that matter. The blame lies squarely with the American people, who have been carefully conditioned to embrace selfishness and greed, even to their own detriment.

Armybob, Obama wanted a universal healthcare just like our counterparts. Instead he ended up with affordable healthcare or Obamacare. It isn't the best but still better than what was available at the time. Trump wants to dismantle Obamacare. But let us compare what we have not in the US to that of other developed nations which their healthcare systems are a single payer. Average cost of healthcare per capita in the US is about $8,508 compared to $4,100 for a core group of developed nations. Life expectancy in the US is 78.7 years compared to 81.9 years for the core group. Now you have to ask yourself why we Americans pay twice as much for healthcare and die earlier to our counterpart. Do you, ArmyBob, have a good answer for that.

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No surprises here. I could see the writing on the wall so last year I quit my job, my wife and I sold our ranch and some rental property then moved to a European country. It just wasn't worth her health or the chance of losing everything if we remained in the US.

ArmyBob, those of us who are sick don't have the time or energy to keep playing the "which president to blame" game. Let's just focus on what we can do to get things turned around for better healthcare in America.

The US has been last in access to healthcare for decades. That's not Trump's fault and it's not Obama's fault. The question is, is Trump taking steps to make healthcare more or less accessible? Which party do you think supports a system of universal healthcare coverage? Which party do you think is undermining it, in the name of profits for a few?

This is one of those absolutely inexplicable events that warrants a comment but leaves one shaking ones head and speechless. The insanity of the notion that the most powerful economic force on the planet (The USA) finds it impossible to provide such a basic service to its citizens as health care is as perplexing as it is ridiculous. Clearly, Americans lack the values of life, compassion, equality, justice liberty they claim to embrace. It makes America the laughing stock of the world. Sad.

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