Trump: Because Of Me, People Are Mentioning God More

Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr

According to the president, Americans weren't really saying "one nation under God" a few years ago - but they are now.

During his speech at Thursday’s National Day of Prayer festivities, President Trump took an opportunity to remind Americans that people are saying “Merry Christmas” again, thanks to him.

But this time, he added to his accomplishments that people are saying “one nation under God” more often as well.

Prayer “unites us all as one nation under God. So important,” he said. (“So important” being a common Trump tic to indicate he is encountering his own words for the first time and finds them important.) Then came the riff about “one nation under God”:

And we say it here, ya know? Lot of people, they don’t say it. But, you know what, they’re starting to say it more, just like we’re starting to say ‘Merry Christmas’ when that day comes around. You notice the big difference between now and two or three years ago, it was, all, it was going in the other direction rapidly, right? Now it’s [thrusting his hand vertically in the air] straight up.

There is no statistical data available to prove one way or the other that Americans were less inclined to utter these phrases two or three years ago, but that surely doesn’t stop the president from taking credit for the fact that people say both phrases today.

You mean like, " God , Trumps a self-serving , self-enriching ass." or "Jesus, how many lies is he going to tell today ".


He needs to get over himself. His self aggrandizing is repulsive. Actually, everything about him is repulsive.


Ok I agree, OMG, GDammit, what in God's name is he saying now?

God damn Trump!!!!


~ The Separation Of Church And Hate:

There is a good reason why Church and State must always remain separate. Let’s get something straight, right from the start: A theocratic state is not a free state, and never will be. I’m sure it was never Jesus’ intention nor was it His will that anyone should be dominated in His name, the name of Christ. That is the will of men. To be accurate, the concept in itself is anti-Christian. You can only follow Christ by choice, not by legislation.

It seems some people are more intent on casting stones at perceived sinners than propagating the love of Christ. ~ “Above all else, I command you love one another”. ~ This was the message that Jesus preached, and as far as I can see, the worth of a soul will only be measured as such. But I can assure you of one thing, when your time of judgment comes, you won’t be asked to recite scripture, but rather, if anything, the question will be: Did you get the message and live by it?

For all of you people out there on the religious right, you should try to remember that looking for sins to condemn, and people to persecute in the name of God, is simply Satan’s way of keeping you from seeing what is good and praiseworthy. It’s Satan’s favorite means of deceit; getting people to hate and kill each other in the name of God and Christ Jesus. Twisting scripture to incite hatred and division.

Understand this; that by doing so, you are defaming the name of Christ, associating Jesus with bigotry and hate. Jesus was never cursed with these feelings, these sins that you commit in His name. It’s widely agreed that He rose above it all, and to use His name for the justification of spreading contempt and hatred for anyone is true heresy. It isn’t Pro-Christ by any means, but clearly Anti-Christ.

~ It doesn't really seem to matter at this point whether you believe in God and Christ or not. What we have are Anti-Christians, the antithesis of the persona Jesus, and they are attempting, through legislation, to declare America to be a theocratic state and nation, legitimizing discrimination under the false guise of "religious freedom". If you're not one of the "chosen" you're fair game for persecution, oppression and abuse. It’s a perfect "us" and "them" scenario. If you express opposing views to the “Order” or you're a non-believer, or in any way perceived as a “sinner”, they'll be coming for you.

~ Anti-Christians ~ The scriptures flow as sweet as honey from their lips, seducing and robbing in the name of God. These are the ones Jesus spoke of that would come in the End Times and deceive many in His name. Anti-Christians: You will know them by their bigotry, their hatred, and their contempt for “others”.


yep like omg, what an embarrassment to our COUNTRY and WOMEN


I do agree that Trump cannot take any credit for personally reinstating. Its a voted Democracy, that agreed. He can say he personally believes in the change. But he is not godLike in any sense of humanity.


Trump is by far the most delusional human being in our country. I still can't wrap my mind around him being elected...


Yes they are. Thank you President Trump. #Trump2020.


The irony is this! In my middle school classroom, our homeroom students proposed the idea and then agreed to skip the pledge all together until Trump is out of office. Resist.


There is no god.


Dear God, please send a large lightning strike to fry his fat orange ass the next time he is out golfing. Amen.


I'm saying more that America must have been put under a divine curse now that Trump is in the White House. Does that count?
But I never stopped saying Merry Christmas.


Now this Con is trying to con God, the sooner Trump is gone the better!


Yes but only in profanity regarding how horrible Trump is

Thank you Gary Markle. I wasn't raised in any religion and was told that as an adult I could choose to or not. I studied many religions and denominations and in my heart and mind I find something in all of them that brings me spiritual growth as well as some things in each of them where they fall short. But I became Christian in my twenties not because of doctrine but because of several people I met at different points who quietly and non-judgementally walked the walk as Jesus would have us do, loving, living in laughter, easily forgiving and also serving others including serving others by fighting for social justice.
This was a typical model of who a Christian was in the sixties and seventies and who inspired me in the eighties to join them. Think Jimmy and Rossilyn Carter.
It boggles my mind how this judgemental hateful movement of people have usurped the label of Christian who hate the poor, have contempt for the Good Samaritan as the wrong race, would never think of serving the icky poor, sick or imprisoned, don't care if the sick suffer and die on the street if they are too poor to afford the luxury of health care as long as someone takes their unsightly sick or dead carcass out of sight and think that if the poor didn't want their children to starve they should have invested better and handouts will only encourage their worthlessness.
Just like Democrats need to stop being passive and silent, the Christians who walk the walk need to speak out and take that mantle back as a matter of love and respect for God and Jesus from the self centered ugliness which claims to be the sole representative of what Christianity is as hateful of the poor, those with brown or black skin and unforgiving of what they consider sin and given Carte Blanche for the sins they love as instantly forgiven as we see with Trump without even admitting to them let alone quitting the behavior and asking forgiveness. Being hateful and contemptuous of those less fortunate seems to be the only criteria for being in the Christian right. That younger generations think it has always been so does hurt me a great deal.