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This nonpresident, is just nauseating, disgusting and how can he look himself in the mirror

I bet that you are no treat to loo at in the mirror,Kay Griffin. You certainly are ugly on the inside. You should not judge by looks. Very rude to make such a comment.

It's not about looks, moron, it's about facing oneself.


If a person does not understand the American vernacular. Like the saying how can you look yourself in the mirror a lot of the time it is said there Russian trolls Becouse english is not there first language.


Go troll some other place,you Russian troll. Who said anything about "looks"? If you were an American,you would know that "how can he look at himself in the mirror" means "how can he live with himself after all the horrible things he's done". You pathetic Russian trolls should go hang yourself. Should I tell you what I meant by that??

Wow. They are hanging themselves.... By their putin's. Ick!!!!

Wow. Agreed about those pathetic Russian trolls. And, they are hanging themselves. By their putins.