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Sen. Ron Johnson said Food and Healthcare are a Privilege, not a Right. Is he a Right to Lifer? If so, How will the resulting child live without Food or Health care? Does he believe banks have a right to be bailed out? Does he believe oil companies who are profiting billions have rights to subsidies? Does he believe he is a Christian?

There is no right to food and shelter. Please show me where there is? Many of us donate to that end, but its not a right.

Sorry Frank777, but I think you are wrong about that. Please go back and read your Declaration of Independence. US citizens are guaranteed their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It might take alot of court battles to get this settled, but that is still the law fo the land that I live in and if I am not mistaken, the Affordable Care Act was argued under part of this standing.

Frank777, like many of his I'll, forgets the part about *of the people, by the people, for the people". Nowhere is it mentioned that it's all for corporations, or only for the wealthy.

well, they took care of corporations by making them "people" too in citizens united so they can now claim they are for the people, by the people

Yes they did and now they take their earnings to offshore shell corporate America is not really “Corporate America” and many are so clueless! The hate liked selfish self righteous right are so foolish they think they won’t rver need help!! 😂 they neee serious help now with that fanatic story! Furthermore they have no idea!