Republicans Increasingly Believe That Education Is Bad For America

According to Pew Research Center, 58% of conservatives believe higher education negatively affects society's direction.

Republicans' appreciation for higher education is waning more with time, leaving education advocates concerned that conservative disdain for universities and colleges might have the power to threaten such institutions.

In July, a Pew Research Center study found that 58 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents believe colleges and universities have a negative effect “on the way things are going in the country"....

That number is up from 37 percent just two years ago.

A Gallup poll in August found that a third of Republicans had confidence in universities, which they viewed as too liberal or political.

Some Republicans simply see higher education as a waste of money; others believe it is liberal indoctrination.

“Why does a kid go to a major university these days?” said Frank Antenori, 51, a former Green Beret who served in the Arizona state legislature. “A lot of Republicans would say they go there to get brainwashed and learn how to become activists and basically go out in the world and cause trouble.”

Though U.S. universities are envied around the world, he and other conservatives want to reduce the flow of government cash to what they see as elitist, politically correct institutions that often fail to provide practical skills for the job market.

Sorry Peteaz, but there is no indoctrination, and that hate an intolerance that you speak of is only hate an intolerance of ignorance. That plumber making 80K a year will always make 80K a year. Those liberal arts majors currently working at Starbucks will soon be your boss! So sad to be you!

That's because Republicans are a bunch of Bible beaters, and science does not support their mythology.

You don't think the billions of dollars the Koch brothers pay politicians has anything to do with policy? How about Big pharma? The fossil fuel industry? Maybe you will open yourself to reality when I tell you the Democratic party is guilty of it, too. Both sides serve their donors. You're naive to think otherwise as the proof is readily available.
Liberals have been guilty of shutting down conservative speakers and that is wrong. They did it to Bill Maher, too.
I do think conservatives hinder education. They're notoriously anti-science. They are the reason teachers are afraid to teach evoloution because they their beliefs are equivalent to scientific facts.

Not true I am a retired teacher!

Granny, there is a big difference between anecdotal evidence and science based statistics.

There is value in education and conservatives know this. What is of dubious value are parts of the curriculum. Particularly offensive: the twisted perspectives of History, English,. Science and math are also compromised by presenting global warming as 'proven and irrefutable !'.
As to college: What is Gender Studies ?? What discipline is this? Male vs Female, that has meaning if you talking about electrical connectors or plumbing fittings.


That proves their ignorance, perhaps more education could change that "conservative" belief...

Well, of course they do! The less educated and more gullible the public is, the more likely they are to vote Republican. "Keep 'em scared and stupid" is the real motto of the Republican Party.