Reminder: Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion From The Iraq War

(U.S. Air Force photo/ Senior Airman Julianne Showalter)

KBR was awarded at least $39.5bn in federal contracts during the ten years its staff served along U.S. troops in Iraq.

There are some on the left eager to embrace President George W. Bush simply because occasionally he criticizes Donald Trump.

It bears reminding: the Invasion of Iraq was a premeditated fraud on the American people, meant to help and enrich the few even if this led to the deaths of millions and the depopulation of entire regions of the world.

Halliburton -- once run by former Vice President Dick Cheney -- and its spin off, KBR, were the biggest recipients of government largess derived from the destruction of Iraq.

The US has overwhelmingly borne the brunt of both the military and reconstruction costs, spending at least $138bn on private security, logistics and reconstruction contractors, who have supplied everything from diplomatic security to power plants and toilet paper.


An analysis by the Financial Times reveals the extent to which both American and foreign companies have profited from the conflict – with the top 10 contractors securing business worth at least $72bn between them. None has benefited more than KBR, once known as Kellogg Brown and Root.


The controversial former subsidiary of Halliburton, which was once run by Dick Cheney, vice-president to George W. Bush, was awarded at least $39.5bn in federal contracts related to the Iraq war over the past decade.

Think about it, how much money was made from a few buildings coming down. Pretty good motive

I wonder how much taxes they paid on all those billions. I say zero. This shit gets worse because the politicians, mainly Republicans, who can stop this shit, get rich off of turning their heads and covering it all up. Therefore, it's getting worse AND the republicans encourage this type of criminal behavior.


I have quoted that number , 39 billion in no bid contracts ,. while their ex CEO is the sitting VP in charge in the command center and Bush is reading 'My Pet Goat'.... over 100 times in the last 17 years... and told repeatedly that is not true and that I am a lying dirty dog... lol..... or worse.... by conservatives , who were afraid their head would explode to consider that we have "180,000 troops in 180 countries".... (General's Milley and Thomas quoted in Newsweek...)......

A few??

Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11/01, so there was no real motive, only fake accusations against Iraq.

But yes, an unbelievable scam. Can you imagine if Obama administration had done ANYTHING like this?

Jesmith... Yes, a few... 3 to be exact! And they all came down in their own footprint... just like only a good demolitionist can do. 2 planes brought down 3 towers in their own footprints!!! LOL! Yeah, and the Easter bunny will be visiting you soon!


Likely none. Remember they moved to Abu Dubai to avoid taxes and the consequences of helping cause the gulf spill

My only son died for his profit.

I am sorry for your family's loss Michael.

$39.5 billion in contracts is not $39.5 billion "made", as anyone who purchased a lawnmower and gasoline to cut grass for money can tell you. Inflamitory false headline.

These people are possessed by demons, fallen angels, so they don't mind destroying teh entire Earth, but if they can steal great wealth while defeating god's creation, Man, they will settle for that. That is what Iraq is. We are living in the last days, and these villains shape-shift, attend Luciferian Rites, eat babies, and drink blood, for starters. They are possessed, part of teh Devil's army. The end times are well upon us. This is a Spiritual War. Invasion of Iraq or now, Syria, is merely a Satanic Rite.

Wtf were they even there for?dimwit they should'nt have made a dime.

We used to practice deceptive moves during WWII trying to cut the war short and save lives - blood, and treasurer. Cheney deceived the U.S.A. and the world with his bogus claims, but came out a billionaire. Brushing aside the loss of lives and destruction in his typical oligarch custom - money is my God.

Not to mention the fact that they poisoned a lot of the troops with the Burn Pits. Read The Burn Pits: The poisoning of America's soldiers or watch the documentary Delay, Deny, Hope You Die.