Putin Publicly Praises Trump, Blames Democracy For Trump’s Problems


Putin implied the U.S. should forfeit its title as world leader "with dignity, understanding and without hysteria."

Despite President Donald Trump's recent criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin's “irresponsible” showing off of new “invincible” nuclear weapons, Putin spoke seemingly well of Trump in a state media documentary published online Wednesday.

But Trump's Russian counterpart was far less friendly toward the U.S. system of government.

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Donald Trump as a willing partner as he lashed out at the U.S. for what he described as its “unpredictable” behavior, warning there’s no guarantee Moscow’s Cold War rival wouldn’t resort to nuclear weapons.

“I’m not disappointed with my opposite number, I’m increasingly disappointed with the system itself” in the U.S., Putin said in a documentary produced by state television released online on Wednesday. “It’s showing its ineffectiveness, it’s devouring itself. Dealing with a system like this is very difficult because it’s unpredictable.”

Putin also noted that the U.S. is the only country ever to have deployed nuclear weapons, asking, "Where’s the guarantee that it won’t happen again?”

Russia would only use nuclear bombs in response to an attack that threatened its existence, he said. “For the world it will be a global catastrophe.”

In that case, “as the leader of Russia, I have the right to ask the question, why do we need such a world if there’s no Russia?”

For now, Putin sees both Russia and China as stepping up to the global plate, saying such rising powers “feel their responsibility grow with their strength”

What of the U.S.?

“And those who inevitably will have to move from the top position on the pedestal should do that with dignity, understanding and without hysteria.”

Erik Erickson is a smart intelligent man! Quit parroting fake news Trump2 your idolatry is showing. Learn to think for yourself! All you Trump humpers screaming fake news like your idiotic president makes you look foolish! I would believe Erik Erickson over that orange buffoon anyday!


tRump's treason is right out in the open, and the republicans do nothing.

Does Putin forget that the GDP of his entire country is smaller than New York City's? Must be something wrong Putin's political system as well for his country to be so weak compared to others. 140mn people, 10 times zones, huge natural resources and yet GDP is smaller than that of a city of just 18mn people.

"I will have more flexibility after the election."

Obama's Deep State is attempting a soft coup of the Presidency. Trump doesn't need a reset button; he has a bigger button. Bigger than Putin's, who needs to stop imagining himself to be some intellectual giant and world power broker like his buddies Barack and Hillary. Americans didn't elect Putin, we elected Trump.

I'm betting Trump laundered money for Putin that is what Putin has on him.

I agree with your points totally only that something went terribly awry between Putin and Hillary --- perhaps the uranium deal or something even deeper.