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Kushner's Security Clearance Defense: My Assistant Prematurely Hit The Send Button

Jared Kushner’s latest defense for not stating more than 100 hundred foreign contacts on his security clearance form is comically bad.

Mr. Kushner claims that “his assistant” prematurely hit the “send” button prior to finishing it properly according to Yahoo news.

The disclosure of the [Donald Trump, jr.] emails potentially has raised new questions about Kushner’s security clearance. He initially filed his SF-86 on Jan. 18, leaving out any mention of meetings with foreign government officials during the transition and the campaign. His lawyers have said this was inadvertent and that a member of his staff had prematurely hit the “send” button for the firm before it was completed. Within twelve hours, they have said, Kushner notified the FBI that he would make amendments and disclose his meetings with foreign officials.”

This argument is illogical because Mr. Kushner had ample time to correct the record if his submission was premature or an accident.

Mr. Kushner only corrected his security clearance form after reports were made public that he had contact with former Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

If his latest defense is true, why did Mr. Kushner wait to correct the record until after being accused of breaking the law? Why didn’t he correct the record immediately?

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