In Minnesota, A Trump Sign Takes Root

A billboard spotted in Hampton, Minnesota.

Thank Obama for your tax rate drop. The new tax reform doesn’t kick in until next year, genius.


Facts are our friends. It’s nice to know them. Knowledge is power.

So basically what you are saying is, “It’s all about me and screw the rest of the country.” Typical Conservative reaction.


I have several friends getting a little bit more money in their paychecks. But, reality will hit when you realize with the ductions you lost. I have a friend who’s getting $100 more month and their paycheck, but they lost $3000 in tax deductions for the goods they buy for school children


Herr Trump's hero is the Sheriff of Nottingham, not Robin Hood


2018 is when Trumps tax takes effect & your kids will be worth 75$ each, no longer a 1150.00$ deduction...

Next year your kids are worth only a 75$ deduction each..enjoy this year while you can


You should hear the alt right.

Read the billboard! Republicans for Honesty in Government.

Hope that will help pay the extra cost of your insurance increases.

And how much health care do you get in exchange for that "3% less"? Oh, that's right; none.

In order to keep several thousand dollars of your money, you would need to be making lots over $100,000 a year. Mathematics.

3% of 100K = $3K. (3% = 0.03)

You are NOT middle class.


How does that make any sense?

For some people, their tax rate is the only thing they see. Tgey don't complain about using the benefits of civilization. Their just thieves who want to get all that for free, and then whine about theft any time someone asks them to pay a fair share of the expense.

Reading these comments, i see why the uneducated poor and lower middle class stay poor and lower middle class.This article provides quantifiable facts and research to their logical conclusion. However, rather than learn from it, poor Donald Trump fans jump to defend their golden messiah. So while those of us who are Double Income No Kids (DINKS), making well into the double 6 figures, keep fighting for those whom are underprivileged and poor....instead of joining us in fighting against those that wish to keep them poor and uneducated....it is those very poor people who vilify us and vote against their very own interests. The good news is that there are many of us that are willing to pay more in taxes so that all of society benefits. But feel free to keep calling us names and saying we are evil (we liberals)....you lose in the end.


Thank you for being an amazing human being.

The fact is....these "tax cuts" will end in 3 years for most everyone.....except his friends and cronies......for them they are PERMANENT!!!!! Everyone get that?? PERMANENT for millionaires and billionaires..........yours end in 3 years........so keep saying MAGA....only this November, do it by voting in all Dems!!!!!!!!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I've got mine, the hell with you.

TRY, I dare you to TRY to tell a Trump supporter what they've lost, and will py, for this idiotic tax cut.