GOP Rep. Jim Jordan: I've Never Heard President Trump Lie

Donald Trump has made over 2,000 false statements as president, but Rep. Jim Jordan has not heard a single lie.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio) told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday that he has never heard President Donald Trump tell a lie to the American people -- not even once.

Considering that Trump’s false statements have been relatively well-tracked since his inauguration -- and indeed, since he began running for office -- it bends the mind to understand how Jordan has remained oblivious to the president’s relationship with the truth.

In the process of discussing former FBI Director Jim Comey’s recent 60 Minutes interview, during which Comey said Trump “lies constantly, about matters big and small”, Cooper asked Jordan if he disagreed with Comey:

“I do. I believe the American people spoke loud and clearly on election day, and they made Donald Trump the President of the United States,” Jordan responded.

Pulling the congressman back to the topic at hand, Cooper asked Jordan if he thinks “the president lies a lot, like Jim Comey says”, and Jordan replied that he does not consider the president untruthful -- and then he pivoted back to Comey, accusing the former FBI director of leaking information to the press.

Jordan held his ground, saying “nothing comes to mind” when he ponders whether the president has ever made demonstrably false statements.

If that seems ridiculous, it’s because it is.

President Trump has been caught lying to the American people on an almost daily basis.

According to The Washington Post’s count from January 2018, Trump made 1,950 false claims in 347 days -- an average of 5.6 claims a day.

As regular readers know, the president has a tendency to repeat himself — often. There are now more than 60 claims that he has repeated three or more times. The president’s impromptu 30-minute interview with the New York Times over the holidays, in which he made at least 24 false or misleading claims, included many statements that we have previously fact-checked.

At that time, Trump was still lying about the Affordable Health Care Act being ‘dead’, taking credit for business deals that predated his tenure, insisting his tax cut was the biggest ever, playing loose with the truth about American unemployment rates, and making misleading statements about the stock market.

If Rep. Jim Jordan has never heard the president lie, he simply has not been paying attention -- or, he inhabits the same false reality as President Trump.

Well, obviously he hasn't been paying any attention whatsoever!

Really, unbelievable, must have had a double shot of the koolaide.


Jim Jordan is a player. If you ever watched him tear apart a witness in his Congressional hearings, you'd know he's a little twerp who likes to show boat.
He has nothing good to say about Comey, because he's afraid of Pres. Trump.
That' s been clear from the get go.

I wish I was there. I would ask the congressman if he'd do anything for Donald Trump? Including lying for him. The wall that Mexico was gonna pay for?

Oh no,, they don't lie... The use Alternative Facts.... Kellyanne Conway said..

Come on you know only too well that COMEY and the rest of the DIRTY COPS in the FBI are corrupt to the core. The trouble with the corrupt democrats and CLINTON is they have all been caught out in their double dealings. They have robbed the American people blind whilst lining their own pockets and the evidence is blatantly obvious regarding CLINTON and her so called money laundering charity. COMEY and the others were in her pay and they are a disgrace to both America and the decent men and women in the FBI. As for Jim Jordan he isn't a player he is a man who believes in the truth as does Trey Goudy


Here's the deal. The smart ones know this is all a huge lie to obfuscate a coup. These people here are dumb enough to push the story without thinking. Good lil puppies you are......

So, if all that is true, does that mean Trump is not a liar? I think not. Fact checked by many bipartisan fact checkers!!!

The only lies I hear is from the Democratic party and CNN wow ...People need to keep their eyes open and mouths shut...People..commenting oh Trump lies..well guess what WTH has he lied about normally everything he says comes out..Oh CNN or the liberal news media will not let it come out

If Democrats are as had as you say they are, why are Republicnts, (you choose the vowel), associated with Donald Dump under investigation, and some under indictment? Wait! Don't tell me: Deep State.

Jim Comey needs to be indicted he committed actual crimes with his lies. CNN is propaganda deep state news. The President is on the up n up. Y'all need to get your heads out of your ass.

Anyone who uses the phrase, "deep state" without irony, is too fucking stupid to have a point that is worth the cellular activity to form the thought in the first place.

An auditory examination is due. Remember Pearl Harbor? But didn't have the telly on when Trump aired his biggest lie -The Birther Farce.

Dude needs a new hearing aid.....