Billy Graham's Daughter: We Deserve To Be Hit With A Nuclear Strike


Evangelist Billy Graham's daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, said God will punish America's immorality with a nuclear strike.

In keeping with her brother's theme that the United States has a 'sin problem', Rev. Franklin Graham's sister, Anne Graham Lotz, told Decision Magazine that God will send a nuclear strike to punish the country's immorality.

Lotz says she believes severe judgment is coming and has partly begun. “And I’m talking about something like a nuclear strike, an earthquake that splits us in two, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack that devastates our electrical grid. Something major that would be a game-changer for America, because we are so defiant and rebellious and idolatrous and immoral, and we know better.”

Lotz says that Americans deserved to be zapped to death because of their immortality.

Lotz is a strong supporter of President Donald Trump.

Dude, I JUST told a friend of mine on FB that very same thing--even told her that christians were in a Death Cult.
The most we can hope for, at this point I think, is that they all do the People's Temple Shuffle and take care of themselves. If not, they're just going to take the rest of us out with them.

Walter I bet you voted for him. All the evangelicals did.

Screw her screw her fuckass brother Franklin and fuck her dad I spit on his grave and that of his wife I Urinate on!

What a dumb ass! Now the likes of Kim Jon Un are the new gods. Go figure the stupidity. These people deserve to be put in insane asylums.

I love this. She is a "kook who thinks God controls the weather."She is correct.
Of course disasters have happened since the beginning, because God has been around forever. I love the way this article mocks and makes fun of her for her beliefs. Does this writer have any proof that that won't happen? Judgement has fallen on people throughout history. So if she can prove that's not going to happen I will gladly listen .
Once again the fake news is distorting the truth. She never said "God is going to send a nuclear bomb." Maybe that's what the writer wants to believe so she could get her sick point across.
And no one said Banning gays from getting married would stop an earth quake or banning abortion would stop by a missile attack. Once again a twisted mind distorting what someone said to fit their agenda.
Maybe ERICA can get some help, poor thing!
No one knows how Armageddon will begin, but it has s to start with something big! To pretend Erica knows the mind of God is arrogant at best, and sad indeed. Her life is but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow. She has no control over how long she lives anymore than she has control of the weather.
Our world HAS become sinful and immoral, and anyone who doesn't see it is litterally blind or deceived beyond hope. Let's just deny it and maybe that will make it not true.
Erica has no idea what will happen in the future, not to her, or to the world. Because someone doesn't like what she says, she believes Anne Graham Lots is Looney. This is another habit the left has, writing someone off because she doesn't like what they say . So instead she just says "Maybe she will get some help." That's not judgement, condescending and hateful, is it?
Prophets were made fun of and ridiculed in the past, it made no difference if they were correct. Noah was ridiculed for saying there would be a Flood, but it happened, and though he offered refuge to anyone who wanted it, no one came. Was that God's fault? I don't think so, it was because they were stupid and drowned.
Ridicule and unbelief never changed the truth then, and it doesn't change the truth now! So shoot the messenger if you like, and be a hater. Erica is welcome to her own opinion, and that's just what it is. No facts just mockery and poking sticks at her! I don't think Anne Graham Lots is threatened by these hateful words. If anything, she feels empathy that Erica won't at least look at what's going on in the world around her.
The last thing that was judgemental and hateful and a lie is that making irrational statements is the "Family business!"
Well I guess millions and millions of people around this world disagree with you,don't
Now this is BIGOTRY at it's finest!!


I always respected Billy Graham...until now. His spawn, Franklin and Anne Graham, morals had to come have come from the home. Both blindly support Trump. Franklin wants to give Trump mulligans for his sins and has the audacity to say, with a straight face, that Trump “stopped sinning once he became president.” I used to say Billy Graham would never have supported his sons political positions but now I’m not so sure. Both Franklin and Anne are good recruiters for the agnostics.

Molly: please cite evidence that a worldwide flood occurred. Scientific evidence, not scripture. And where, exactly, did 30,000 feet of water go after the flood was over?

Part of the problem is Daddy left the big bucks to Franklin, and she's stuck with sloppy seconds.

Molly L. said: "She never said 'God is going to send a nuclear bomb.'"

Molly, per https://billygraham.org/decision-magazine/january-2018/shadow-sin-spreading-hope-america-rests-church/ :
Lotz says she believes severe judgment is coming and has partly begun. “And I’m talking about something like a nuclear strike ..."


Please take your Christian insanity somewhere else. The rest of the adults will take it from here. Go cloister yourselves in your churches and pray for the end times of the "sinful world" while we try to fix the damage you and all other religious fanatics have created.

You are 100% incorrect; the world has NOT become 'more sinful and immoral'. Conditions for humanity have been improving. https://www.vox.com/the-big-idea/2016/12/23/14062168/history-global-conditions-charts-life-span-poverty Even in USA; where Crime from robbery to Murder is HALF WHAT IT WAS in the 1980's. An unprecedented decline. Christian Zealots believe all that matters is Faith in God; so if more Americans are Atheist now then in 1988 it doesn't matter; THATS a crisis.
But its all your fault. RIght Wing Politicians decided in late 70's to weaponize Christianity in order to win power. It worked at first; Reagan. But now Right Wing is so thoroughly disgusting in its worship of rich, hate for poor, bigotry and hostility against the rest of the the World; its disgust and hatred of Immigration that its being rejected overwhelmingly by the young. Christianity is almost an Embarrassment in many regions and has to come with caveats: 'I believe in God but also Evolution' 'Im Christian but Im not one of THOSE Christians'. Christian Right Wingers make jackasses of themselves everywhere commenting is allowed saying nonsense like 'The World is getting MORE IMMORAL' The belief against all evidence that every year is worse then the one before because 'people are turning from God'.
Like okay; so you have a 6th grade level Sunday school knowledge base in history.
Religious belief doesn't prevent murder. Killers ALWAYS think God is on their side. The Eras of history with the MOST Christian Belief are the most HORRIBLE times to live in. The Middle Ages; Violent Anarchy; with Religion sponsoring Murder and exonerating murderers. The Early Modern era with horrible European Warfare; armies on the march massacre rape and starve everyone in their paths until the late 1800's when supply lines improved enough civilians didn't need to be robbed of everything at sword point. Which they still did anyway just not as much. Christian Armies; Zero Atheism.
Human Condition improved because societies turned away from Religious Dogmas and its Authoritarian directives and instead towards Humanism. Towards Science which Christian authorities opposed for functioning on Evidence and rejecting faith. The Enlightenment was a revolution against faith, that created Democracy; by turning against Divine Right preached by all Christian leaders. The Founders were mostly Deists and Atheists; as America's thinkers was way more Progressive then Red State High School class teaches.
And it keeps improving! Despite all attempts by Christian Right to oppose progressive modernization and tolerance; they can't win any battle, they have no legal standing, cannot even stop gays from being married EVEN in their own states.

As always, the longer the post, the more outright lunacy in it. Faith isn't fact. In fact, faith is fantasy. It's a form of accepted psychosis. You also demand that nonbelievers prove a negative. That's not possible, but believers can't prove a positive, that God exists, while proving a positive is possible. Nothing to see here, folks. Just another foaming-at-the-mouth, desperate Bible thumper.

So now that you're done with your historically ignorant ranting.

The extreme fringe and mainstream of the Evengelical movement has absolutely constantly said that if people get equal rights God will visit wrath upon us. Yet it never happens.

It mocks because people like her and you apparently cannot tell the difference between reality and a book about being a massive dick to people for no reason.

Please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burden_of_proof_(philosophy). It is intellectually unsustainable to grant equal reverence to anyone making wild assertions without evidence versus those not accepting said wild assertions.

America has gotten tremendously worst. Most of you are tide pod eaters and dont realize it..she may be a kook but you deserve everything she said..take it anyway you like...laugh now cry later...its coming

Wow, Molly L, you've certainly gotten stuck for what you wrote. You stick to your guns, girl cos what you wrote was from a changed heart. The enemy always, always, always provides knockers and mockers. Take it on the chin and keep on living them.


Right on Jon Ball....nuclear strike? It should land right on her empty head!