Well-Known Florida Pastor Arrested For Sexual Assaulting Minors

Pastor David RowanMugshot Courtesy of Scripps Media, Inc.

Florida pastor David Rowan was arrested on charges relating to the sexual assault of two teen girls.

Florida pastor David Rowan was arrested while in Tennessee on charges relating to sexually assaulting teen girls. Rowan was indicted on rape, unlawful sexual contact, and sexual battery by an authority figure.

The arrest stemmed from an alleged incident in Middle Tennessee back in 2014. Rowan was as a guest speaker at a religious convention in Murfreesboro. Sex crimes detectives said he convinced the parents of two girls to let him take them to lunch. The family was seeking spiritual guidance from Rowan and trusted him. Police said he brought the 14 and 15-year-old sisters to a local hotel where he took advantage of the situation and molested them.

Rowan was being held in a Florida county jail before being transferred to a jail in Tennessee.