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Kentucky Voter Thanks God Daily That Trump Was Elected, But Wonders When He’ll Bring Back Jobs

Residents of Beattyville, Kentucky, America’s poorest town, discuss their hopes for the Trump administration in a series of interviews with CNN news.

1-Melissa Allen, 34. (Beattyville, Kentucky)

I’ve lived in poverty my entire life. There’s really no hope. I don’t understand why the minimum wage here can’t be raised. I don’t get that. I hope it gets better. I really do, but I just don’t want to live on false hope.”

2-Donna Coomer, 52. (Beattyville, Kentucky)

Have you ever tried to live on $7.25 an hour? It was horrible.” Ms. Coomer thanks God for Mr. Trump’s presidential win, believing that his election is the beginning of some new era.

3-Pegg Stewart, 62. (Detroit, Michigan)

Mr. Trump, please take care of us. We’re looking to you.”

What unifies these disparate people is desperation and genuine fear for their own survival. What might be frustrating for viewers is that many of those interviewed do not necessarily connect the policies of Mr. Trump with the hardships that they are experiencing in their lives.

For instance, a number of those interviewed in this piece do not seem to recognize that President Trump (and the Republican Party) are generally against raising the minimum wage even as they simultaneously express worry about how low their wages are.

In an interview, Ms. Allen from Beattyville comes out and says, “I don’t understand why the minimum wage here can’t be raised. I don’t get that.” Ms. Allen expresses this concern even while explaining her support for a President who opposes increases in the minimum wage and in the past, called for the minimum wage’s complete elimination.

In a number of these interviews, it becomes apparent that a some of these voters supported Mr. Trump out of their own personal animus towards members of the LGBT community. This hostility to the “other” is backed up by voting data that asserts Trump voters were motivated more by fear of “diversity” more so than any other factor in their support of Mr. Trump’s candidacy.

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  • boxsterman

    Oct 19, 2017

    These "voters were motivated more by fear of 'diversity' more so than any other factor in their support of Mr. Trump's candidacy". Well, that hate sure comes with a high premium, now doesn't it. Enjoy your low wages and lack of access to medical care. Maybe you'll have to move to the city, you know, around all those "other" people. Maybe you'll die. Anyway, a change is going to come.

  • Mambo

    Oct 19, 2017

    Americans chose an incompetent man over a superior woman.

  • revjim

    Oct 19, 2017

    Suffer well. You elected him; you earned it.

  • sethacker10

    Oct 19, 2017

    What do you think of Trump now?

  • sethacker10

    Oct 19, 2017

    I’m a Kentuckian and this sounds like most of KY. Red-neck and backward.

  • Masshole01201

    Oct 19, 2017

    I can't stand Fuckface Von Clownstick

  • savbeau316

    Oct 19, 2017

    they reap what they sowed

  • jasperboy2002

    Oct 19, 2017

    lol hope those crazy fools has to dig ditches on their hands and knees conned by the biggest con man of all time.

  • Madannie

    Oct 19, 2017

    Do your homework woman, its not going to happen. Wages cannot just magically be raised because you're poor. Get off of you butt and work for it. Either by educating yourself or creating your own company.

  • ForeverANastyWoman

    Oct 19, 2017

    In a way, it's difficult to blame them for voting for 45, at least the ones who were looking for a better life economically. 45 can be good salesman. He sold himself, or his supposed promises, to those he knew were the most vulnerable and needed to hear that things would improve. He tailored his marketing to audience he had at the time. Well, his campaign folks did, anyway, and fed the info to him, most likely. So, I'm sure these people in KY who'd lived in poverty most of their lives were ready to grab onto any lifeline offered to them, even if it was just a post dated lifeline. What this lady doesn't seem to comprehend is that after he got her vote, he totally forgot about her and all of the other supposedly "forgotten" people. The fact of the matter is the jobs that she and her neighbors want are, for them most part, not coming back. Automation, renewable energy sources, and changing business models have made many of those jobs obsolete. Unfortunately, humans are much less adaptable, when it comes to change, than all other species in the animal kingdom. But in order to ultimately survive, humans will need to evolve by becoming the people employers are looking for, which means returning to school (even PT at a community college - financial aid for those who make less than a certain amount a year includes grants). Learn, evolve, become...and they may have to take entry level positions in their new professions, but hey, it's a job. Waiting for 45 to fullfil any of his campaign promises is kinda like expecting to win the lottery when you never bought a ticket. He has no conscience and no capacity for empathy or compassion. Anyone who is still suffering and continues to support him, now that is 100% on them.

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