Your weekly women’s rundown, 12/2/2017

What you need to know from Cameron to Fujioka to Zarika.

This is a busy week for boxing — especially women’s boxing. Here’s what you don’t want to miss out on:

What’s going on now:

It’s finally Dec. 2 which means that the Chantelle Cameron vs. Viviane Obenauf fight for the IBO lightweight title takes place tonight at Leicester Arena. In case you forgot, Cameron is the English fighter who’s rocked the professional boxing world, stopping three out of her four professional fights and publicly stating that she plans to eventually take on Taylor. This fight has a lot of weight behind it, but a win is no guarantee. Obenauf has more professional experience than Cameron and a 12-3 record — one of her only losses against Taylor. Seeing how this plays out could mean a lot, so you won’t want to miss how this one plays out.

Fatuma Zarika will defend her WBC women’s super bantamweight title against Catherine Phiri tonight as well. Though some people are giving Zarika the edge, this is bound to be a good fight. Catherine Phiri is the former WBC women’s bantamweight champion, which she successfully defended twice. If she were to cause an upset and beat Zarika, it would be her first title in the super bantamweight class. Zarika’s a far more experienced fighter, however, and she hasn’t lost a fight since 2015. She’ll also have the advantage of fighting at home — where she’s never lost either. The match takes place tonight in Nairobi, Kenya.

In case you missed it:

Five countries, Russia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, India and the U.S., came out with gold medals in the AIBA Youth Women’s World Boxing Championships. India’s competitors slew in most of the lighter weight classes. Reminder: these girls are also candidates for the 2020 Olympics, so they’re worth keeping your eye on.

Naoko Fujioka gave the world a reminder that she is a force to be reckoned with yesterday when she won her fifth world title against Yokasta Valle. You read that right: fifth — and please note that each of these world titles was in a different weight class. According to the Japan Times, Fujioka is the first Japanese fighter to ever do this. Last night’s WBO women’s light flyweight title comes just a few months after Fujioka’s WBA women’s flyweight title victory in March. Although this was Valle’s first loss, making her record 13-1, don’t be mistaken — she’s still a threat. This was also Valle’s first title match. I wouldn’t be surprised if after a couple months she finds herself up against another opponent and eventually toward another title match.

What to look out for:

Yuko Kuroki will defend her WBC women’s minimum weight title against Momo Koseki on Dec. 17. Kuroki’s held the title since 2015, but a fight against Koseki could mean trouble. Although both women have similar knockout percentages, Koseki hasn’t lost a fight since in ten years. This fight will be a tough one to call because it could go either way.

Layla McCarter will take on Erika Hernandez on Dec. 22. McCarter’s had a successful boxing career since 1998 and hasn’t lost a fight since 2007. Hernandez turned pro in 2015 and has a 6-1-1 record, losing her last fight against Jessica Camara. I’d like to say that we don’t have enough information about Hernandez to know whether she can take on McCarter, but considering that most of her wins come from lower-ranking boxer or ones who are just getting their professional start, I can’t. It’s like that McCarter is going to take a win against Hernandez and it probably won’t be close.

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