Cameron vs. Obenauf: Fans respond to Cameron's first championship win

Chantelle Cameron stopped Viviane Obenauf and claimed the IBO women's lightweight title, here's what people are saying.

Chantelle Cameron might have just earned the respect she deserves, stopping Viviane Obenauf for the first time in Obenauf’s Career and wining the IBO women’s lightweight championship title.

The win is certainly cause for celebration — Cameron has a 5-0 professional record — but now the question is what’s next for Cameron. Although she’s publicly said that one of her end goals is to find WBA World Champion Katie Taylor, after tonight’s bout, Cameron said she’ll let “other people” talk about that. And they are. Cameron’s victory is a discussion among professionals and fans alike. Here’s what the buzz was on Twitter.

There’s no denying how impressive Cameron’s performance was, fans were stunned and it even got a shout out from the “Fighters” documentary account.

But far more interesting for many was what would be next for the Northampton-native. Sports writer Sean McGoldrick pointed out that the win makes Cameron a definite candidate for Taylor’s next opponent.

A few fans agreed that they would want to see Cameron vs. Taylor in 2018

While others expect nothing less:

A particularly interesting shout out came from Jane Couch, the first women to receive a professional boxing license in England and five-time world champion, she not only wants to see Cameron take on Taylor, she told another user she believes Cameron’s ready now.

She’s not alone other fans believe that Cameron’s style is more aggressive and would be more affective against Taylor.

But there are still many who don’t think that Taylor can be beaten.

It’s obviously too soon to know whether and when a Cameron vs. Taylor fight would take places, but one things for sure — it would be watched. Fighters like Cameron are providing competition and intense matches. Several times, Cameron has spoken about how she was told that women shouldn’t be fighting, and how she would like to change that. If she keeps fighting like this, she just might — one fan at a time: