I'm a micro cacao farmer and chocolate maker from Ecuador and I'm passionate about chocolate and pure fermentation. I start planting cacao in 2009 and after 4 years of working in the farm, studying agroindustrial engineering and foodscience I start making chocolate from bean to bar. During the first years of the project, I start working with small farmers, building my own small batch machines but also had a good approach to industry and I have been working in different collaborations in cacao and chocolate productions. These experiences guide me to a new vision about chocolate in South America and how it is controlled in Ecuador. In 2014, I start learning about chocolate production and tastings panel but also went to learn from chocolate makers in Italy and how the movement of chocolate works in Europe and USA. I decided to look further and to start teaching farmers about cacao production and quality of chocolate. Now, 2017 I'm currently working in Cacao Research for the University of West of England and collaborating with my brand Tow SuperFood Chocolate in the analysis of genetic diversity and aromas. My goal is to develop a direct business model from farmers that we are, to a global market, not just with chocolate bars but also with results about the origin and tangible data of research.



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