Become A Member

Various levels of membership on TheChocolateLife are going to be available: a forever–free account, and paid “Premium” accounts

Since founding TheChocolateLife back in 2008 it has always been free. Free to join and free to use.

I have experimented with ads and with sponsorship over the years, but my basic promise to myself and to members has always been to offer free access. And nothing has changed.

How to sign up for a FREE account

Click on either the word Login in the left nav bar or on the + Follow in the top Nav. A pop-up menu will appear and at the bottom is a Create Account button. Click on that. You can sign up using a social login (Facebook or Google) or use an email address.

To make it more friendly for other members, I ask that you go to your profile and add a username, avatar, and short bio about yourself. The bio doesn't need to be long and it could include info about your most memorable chocolate experience, your favorite chocolate, what country you live in. All of this info is completely optional, but a username and avatar would be nice.

One check to make sure that everything has gone right in setting up your account is that when you are logged in the + Follow will be replaced by ✓ Following.

How to sign up for a PREMIUM account

This is still functionality that is in beta testing and when it’s available we will let you know.

You must first have signed up for a FREE account.

One type of PREMIUM account will give subscribers access to features and content not available to other members. PREMIUM subscribers will also get early notice and access to special activities, including guided travel programs.

Another type of PREMIUM account is a general sponsorship where the monies are used to support the costs of running the site as well to promote the activities of G2C2 - the Global Grassroots Cocoa and Chocolate Sustainability Forum. Subscribers at this level will also get all of the benefits accorded to PREMIUM members.