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TheChocolateLife was founded in January 2008 by Clay Gordon as a means for crowdsourcing answers to questions about cocoa and chocolate posed to him by visitors to his pioneering chocolate blog chocophile.com, as well as by readers of his IACP-finalist book Discover Chocolate.

Inspired by the Ricky Martin song Living la Vida Loca (which Clay transformed into Living la Vida Cocoa), TheChocolateLife has become, for Clay, a metaphor for connecting with something you are truly passionate about, using that connection to drive personal and professional growth, and then inspiring others to create their own TheChocolateLife.

Since well before the very earliest days of TheChocolateLife, Clay has been focused on growing a community where chocolate lovers of all flavors – and any level of experience or interest – no matter where in the world, felt safe to ask questions and contribute answers.

Members of TheChocolateLife comprise the entire spectrum of activities and interests – from cacao farmers in almost every country where cocoa grows to confectioners, chocolate makers, connoisseurs, chocoholics, and even a celebrity chef or three.

TheChocolateLife Team

Clay GordonFounder / New York and Worldwide
Clay lives his ChocolateLife every day. He is often heard to say that if you are working with cocoa or chocolate and you are not having fun you are doing it wrong.

  • Lauren Adler — Chocolopolis, Seattle, WA USA
  • Keith Ayoob — Nutritionist
  • David Briceño — Agronomist / Huila, Colombia
  • Florence Courtois de Cazanove – France
  • Elle Crocker — UK
  • Alexandra Wild — UMass Amherst / Amherst, MA
  • Ben Rasmussen — Chocolate Maker, Potomac Chocolate / Woodbridge, VA, USA
  • Kerstin Roos — Vermont, USA
  • Marika van Santvoort —Machocolo / Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Kanako Satsutani — TomoeSaveur / Tokyo, Japan

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