Two different ways to open cacao pods

There are many different ways to open cacao pods. Here is a video showing two of them.

These videos were taken during my most recent trip to Peru for the Salon del Cacao y Chocolate and La Ruta del Cacao.

The video was shot in a USAID/TechnoServe/Alianza Cacao demonstration farm in the Ucayali province not far from Pucallpa.

It´s surprising to see how many different ways people around the world uses for braking and opening pods. I personally prefer hacking the machete into a log in the ground and then using it´s back to open the pods in a single movement.

@DavidCacaoHuila - In Nicaragua I have seen the use of wooden mallets as well as stroker boards that look like tongue-and-groove. The goals here are worker safety and to reduce the risk of damaging beans. Different cultures, different methods along every step of post-harvest.