WTB - Used continuous tempering machine and enrober at a reasonable price.

WTB - Used continuous tempering machine and enrober at a reasonable price.

@Gretchen - what price range is reasonable? And - do you have an idea of the capacity of the working bowl you need and the width of the belt? How many pieces/hr and pieces/day do you want to run through the enrober? How many different kinds of chocolate do you want to use?

Thanks for asking! I guess by reasonable, I meant a used unit that's not overpriced ;) Also, my target budget is around $16,000, possibly stretching to 20k for the right machine. I am just starting out, so initially I won't need much in terms of output, but I would like to have the capacity to scale up, when the demand arises. Maybe up to 500 pieces a day. I have been thinking about a 25kg bowl, and a 6-inch belt, like the Hilliards hand coater. Although, if you have recommendations or advice, I am all ears!

@Gretchen - Let's do some math, okay?

Let's say (just to make the math easy) that each of the 500 pieces gets covered with 10gr of chocolate. That means you need only 5kg of chocolate per day. There's no need for a 25kg working bowl that can temper 50kg (or more) of chocolate per hour! A tempering machine with a 10kg working bowl can easily meet your requirements on the chocolate front.

There are four real gating factors when it comes to throughput ... the width of the belt, the size of the pieces, and the speed the belt runs at. Let's say you can get 2 pieces across the width of the belt and that you can get 5 rows of 2 pieces every meter of belt. If the belt is running at 2 meters per minute the throughput is 2x5x2 pieces per minute, or 240 pieces per hour. At this pace you can easily hit more than double your 500 piece/day target. With practice you can go a lot faster. The fourth factor I mentioned is how the pieces are decorated.

FBM makes a continuous tempering machine with a 10kg working bowl - the PRIMA. You can put an enrober belt on this that is 180mm wide (about 7 inches). This is the smallest continuous tempering machine on the market that accepts a fully-featured enrober belt (pre-bottomer, double-curtain veil, net beater, blower, paper take-off, and detailer are all standard.)

A brand new PRIMA with enrober belt is going to be €13,600 (at today's exchange rate that's almost exactly $16,000). Plus shipping from Italy. If you like, I can refer you to a dealer in Texas who can take care of you. Please DM me (click the comment icon in the left nav) @DiscoverChoc .

Wonderful, thank you!

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