Hello, community!
I present to your attention a mini-guitar. Very compact, but nevertheless, very productive guitar.
Very small size -- as A4 sheet of paper. The working field is 195x195 mm. In a small kitchen of the place does not take at all, and for one cycle of cut we get 36 !!! big size -- 30x30 mm -- candies.
THREE quick-change frames - 15 mm, 22.5 mm and 30 mm (it is possible to produce frames with a different cutting step 37.5 - 45.0 - 60.0 - 75.0 - 90.0 mm) - is a huge space for candy variations. Made entirely of stainless steel. The strings are also made of very high-quality 0.5 mm SS wire.

Thanks, DiscoverChoc! I think I was surprised by how challenging the one guitar’s strings we’re to replace because I worked in a chocolate shop for several years that had a DeBuyer guitar cutter and replacing those strings was a cinch! The end of the string has metal, much like a bolt, fused to it so you just put it through a hole at the top of the frame added a nut and tightened it. None of the excruciating threading the wire through a hole and rotating the bolt around. It probably would have helped if I had seen a YouTube video though ;)

Hi, Christy. I replied in the mail. Thank you for your interest.

Have you sold your guitar cutter?

I plan this week to finish the production of the next batch. Configuration of maxi. 4 frames. 15.0-22.5-30.0-37.5

Hi! please email the pricing as well ppieper3@yahoo.com thanks