For Sale: Selmi Injection plate (depositor heads) $995 + shipping

If you use a Selmi tempering machine for your chocolate, you should take a look at these depositor heads.

Selmi's Injector plates (aka depositor heads) could make your chocolate or confection-making much easier and faster. They attach right onto the faucet of Selmi temperer and distribute metered chocolate into polycarbonate bar or praline molds. You can change how much chocolate is deposited. One 3 x 7 cavity head and one 3 x 8 cavity head (Chocolate World molds work excellently but most others will work as well) included, as well as heating rods and brush. Perfect for artisan chocolatiers or chocolate-makers filling bar molds. Work much cleaner and much faster than filling molds by hand. In excellent condition. $995 (they are several times that new) + shipping from Minnesota, USA.

Want to see them in action?