F/S New Polycarbonate Demisphere Molds

Custom polycarbonate molds 34mm in diameter x 17mm in depth making a chocolate weighing approximately 12 grams

I had custom injection polycarbonate molds made by Tomric Plastics (with a minimum order of 100) and am interested in selling some of these molds (the ones for sale are new, never used). The overall mold size is 275mm x 175mm (about 10.8" x 6.9"), each cavity is 34mm in diameter and 17mm deep (approximately 1.3" x 0.7"). The bonbons made in these molds have proved extremely easy to decorate and to unmold. I would strongly prefer orders of a minimum of 3 molds. The cost per mold is $21 plus shipping (which will be the least expensive rate for U.S. Priority Mail). Payment will be via Paypal. For any orders, please use the Chocolate Life direct messaging system.

@jim-dutton - What is the weight of the pieces in grams? Molds tend to be in the 8-10gr range or 12-15gr range.

It's stated in the headline of the listing: 12 grams.

Gotcha. In the subhead (aka deck). Missed that.