F/S Hilliard Vibrating Table and Chocolate World Molds

For sale: Hilliard vibrating table $1000 and chocolate world molds $15ea plus shipping.

For sale:

Hilliard Shaking table $1000

Chocolate World polycarbonate molds. All in good condition. If you buy 1-10 the price is $15 ea. If you buy 11-30 the price is $12.50ea. If you buy 31+ the price is $10 ea

Mold # Qty I have

2246 9

1335 12

1058 12

1520 12

1317 10

2302 12

more to come......

DM me if you have any questions.

Where are you located?

Sorry forgot to include. LA, Ca

Since this is a big thing to ship. I will help with the shipping costs.

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