F/S Chocolate Case- 2500

Display Case F/S Sedona, AZ USA - 2500
5 ft length (60 in) x 24 in deep x 48 in height

I bought this display case and it's been in storage since 2016. It is still palletized and ready for ship in storage. Buyer must arrange and pay shipping. I've attached a few photos of small nicks that the movers made on the bottom of the case while moving it into storage.

I bought it barely used. They used it for 1 month. It’s temperature controlled. I’m not sure if the maker. I don’t want to unwrap it and unpalletize it to find out.

*of the maker

No problem, thank you

It is temperature controlled. The maker is Cold Core, and the previous owner is checking for me whether it’s humidity controlled or not.

Just wondering if you still have this case?