Hi All,
How do you get a beautiful shine on your chocolates. Do you wash the moulds in water every time you have used them, or do you just polish the moulds? Do you pre coat them with cocoa butter? Looking forward to your reply.

....and to follow up on the response to spraying cocoa butter, it is true that most often it is colored and used for decoration. However, sometimes it can be useful to work with plain coco butter instead. Remember that it is the cocoa butter itself, and not the pigments the contain, that is really giving you the shininess (though some formulations, i.e. jewel/ metallic do help give it a boost). So imagine a situation where you were molding in white chocolate, but wanted to add some dark chocolate stripes prior and still wanted the shine that comes from spraying. Then in that case a very thin coat of plain cocoa butter applied first will allow both the dark stripes and the white shell to be very shiny and you only have to spray once. But it is very important that plain cocoa butter be sprayed very fine. If the spray is too thick, then the final product will have a more opaque look, almost cloudy. Remember, well crystalized cocoa butter is more "yellow" than it is clear.

The topic of cocoa butter crystallization and mold usage/prep is a long and technical one, but I hope my rambling answer helps answer some of the key points to your questions. Best of luck!

Thanks a lot, that is very helpful.

I went to a demo by Kirsten Tibbals (Masterchef Australia) the other day, and she wipes down her moulds in 100% medical alcohol each time to get perfect shine


Thanks for your reply, much appreciated