On The Road With Scotty

Emmy Award-winning car talk expert Scotty Kilmer brings his entertaining videos and car advice to Maven's platform.


Scotty Kilmer is a renowned car talk expert so facile with both the wrench and spoken word that he became a YouTube phenomenon with a massive following.

He was one of the first channel partners to go live on Maven. On the Road with Scotty can be found here.

Kilmer has been a mechanic for the last 49 years and connects with his audience by making informative and sometimes humorous videos that people actually want to watch. On the Road with Scotty is where the DIY crowd can learn all about their vehicles and where manufacturers can have their various wares spotlighted by someone who knows what they're talking about.

Don Clore

i have a mk5 golf it makes a noise when i drive over 30 mph on left side i have changed wheel bearng on rear side still problem there its annoying help please


do my video finding the source of car noises. And realize it's often other wheel bearings. Pray it's not tranny bearings

I notice you have a 1.8celica I wondered if you have ever removed the head I had a broken exhaust valve I re ground the valves replaced the vg oil seals put the head back after having it skimmed and I can't seem to get good compression I have used new bolts correct torque as far as I know torque wrench is a bit cheap and has been used as a breaker bar a few times sorry the only long ratchet I have I wondered what is the most likely causes of failure I have done a few head jobs in the past never failed before I'm getting a different type of head gasket next time a composit so possibly for a non skimmed head I'm hoping this will help what do you think please help .patrick
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he is popular





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