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AllHipHop.com was launched in 1998 by CEOs “Grouchy” Greg Watkins and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur. The channel features news, interviews, music reviews, multimedia and community discussion.

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Don Clore

Not quite, buddy. Stay tuned.


In terms of rollout regular readers seem caught off guard and not to happy with the new look Chick.


@ Chuck - AHH has been declining for years. You used to have like 1000 comments in the rumor section at one point. You messed up when you started doing different rumor pages within the same day. People used to wait daily for them and would all be following one conversation in the comments section on one page. But when you started posting different rumor pages throughout the day it got oversaturated and corny. You also changed the layout which most of your readers said sucked but you refused to listen. Also, you didn't offer many video interviews. In these ages, the kids want to see interviews to get to know the personality of their favorite artists. I hope you can revamp the site, but it looks like you are definitely going about it the wrong way. Hopefully you got that check!

@ChuckCreekmur It's not the visual, it's the comment section… Why would you get rid of Disqus?? Disqus is universal across pretty much all news platforms at this point. I told you before, the posters and commenters have been the lifeblood of this site for years. The SOCIAL INTERACTIVITY is what keeps people interested on a daily basis, even as your story quality continued to flag… Now, you stripped the social media aspect out of your site??? Not a smart move…not unless that was your intention(?). You just lost a bunch of AHH fans--I'm just letting you know why. Peace!

I have no doubt that there was a lot of thought given to the decision. Everyone's a critic or an expert. This looks way better than the last layout.