Susan Polgar, Chess Daily News

Susan Polgar was the first woman to earn the Men's Grandmaster title

Polgar became the #1 female player in the world at age 15 and remained in the top 3 for nearly 25 consecutive years. She was the first woman to qualify for the Men’s World Chess Championships, the first woman to earn the Men’s Grandmaster title, and the first woman to receive the Grandmaster of the Year Award. In 1996, Polgar became the first person in history, male or female, to win the Chess Triple Crown (World Classical, Rapid and Blitz Championship). Additionally, she won numerous tournaments around the world in both Men’s and Women’s divisions. After retiring from competitive chess to focus on coaching, Polgar once again made history by becoming the first person ever, male or female, to receive the FIDE Trainer of the Year (World Chess Federation) award as well as Coach of the Year (in the United States).