Mr. Marlett is CEO and Founder of MDB Capital Group LLC. His entire 26-year career has been focused on financing emerging growth companies in the public markets. During the last 15 years he transitioned to a core focus of financing companies that possess potentially disruptive technology.

He has become a thought leader in the area of financing development stage companies in the public markets as a preferable alternative to traditional venture capital. Additionally he began studying the impact of intellectual property as a method of gaining and retaining market leadership. This led to the development of PatentVest, the first business intelligence database platform focused upon intellectual property. He has co-founded or launched four companies into the public markets from near inception that progressed to over $1B in market value. His exclusive focus today is on financing disruptive technology. He also developed a process for creation and execution of a dominant IP position for the companies he finances as a method to gain market leadership.

Mr. Marlett graduated from the University of Southern California in 1986 with a bachelor’s in business administration.

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