Sheep or Lion?

Sheep or Lion?

Quiet and passive about the injustice you have faced or fierce, vocal and relentless about the injustice you have faced?

Life is summed up into a handful of choices and events, and then how we react to those events. If you are here you have experienced the same family court experience we all have. Now you have a choice. Which are you?

Here is a link to get started on fighting back. Elected officials sponsor, cosponsor, and introduce legislation. Change starts on the local level and works up. Type in your zip code (top right in the link) and get to work. Nothing changes without our lawmakers being aware of what is happening. Explain what happened and what you seek. Be firm and polite. If you do not receive a response within 30 days then repeat. Nearly 400,000 followers of TFRM now. Lets be heard and be united.

Sheep or lion?

Here is the link:

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