Fathers' Rights are Not Just About Fathers

You may remember his name from a few years back when extreme left-wing activists protested his talk at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Warren Farrell is a feminist who has undergone decades of work and research to try to bring awareness to men's issues. Yes, he is a feminist... concerned about men's issues. Although he is one of the nicest person you might ever meet, his work is protested against as if he is the Devil incarnate; this is because his work does not fit with the mainstream feminist narrative.

In short, the role of the father is a crucial factor in a child's development, as is the mother's. Both are necessary components in order for a child to have high probability of achieving a fruitful life. However, men's issues are often overlooked and men pay for it dearly. They are not the only ones who suffer though; young boys do too. If the role of the father is continually overlooked, then society will collapse. We are already seeing the effects of what happens when young boys grow up without a father in the household. For numerous reasons, ranging from philosophical to biological, the state cannot take the place of the father or the husband without dire consquences.

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