It's estimated that 80-85% of allegations filed during a custody dispute turn out to be false.

Simply a known tactic called the SILVER BULLET

By Foti Kallergis

Sadly, everyone loses. The accused parent has a stigma attached that may never be repaired, could potentially lose their job, go to jail, be alienated from their child - all over false allegations.

The child is taught to believe a lie about one of their parents and unknowingly becomes closer to the false accuser. The child will end up with serious psychological issues once the truth is revealed.

The true victims of abuse are not believed because so many false cases clog the system and water down needed advocacy.

CPS workers become overloaded with cases having to distinguish between the real cases and the overwhelming amount of false cases.

SERIOUS repercussions need to be implemented for those found guilty of repeated false claims.

Fortunately, in this case, the judge saw through the schemes. But what if the judge didn't? This father would currently be
sitting in jail with his life ruined.

No. 1-1

False allegations or "embelishments" happen, too often, and the legal Industry seems to have no vested interest in changing the current status quo.


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