Why I Volunteer

People often ask me why am I so passionate about Father’s Rights.

I ask them why are they not?

People often ask me why am I so passionate about Father’s Rights.

I ask them why are they not? Don’t they care about their children’s future? They ask, “my children’s future?” ” Yes” I say, “your children’s future.” “Don’t you want your kids growing up with equality?”


We know the alarming statistics of the divorce rate today. What if you have a son and he eventually gets married and has children of his own? They respond ” that would be wonderful.” Of course it would be wonderful. Being a grandparent is a marvelous thing.

What happens if the unfortunate circumstances of your beloved son’s marriage doesn’t work out and he becomes a statistic? A statistic? Yes, a statistic.

Currently in most countries there is no legal automatic response in regards to divorce and shared parenting (50/50) between mom and dad.Father’s don’t have equality.What if the mother takes that grandchild away from you, and away from your son. What if they move across the country and place miles between you and your sons children? How will that impact your sons relationship with his own children? Can you imagine going days, weeks, months, even years without seeing your grandchildren? Imagine how your son would feel. How well would it sit with you if that beautiful opportunity to bond with your grandchildren is suddenly reduced to an hour or two every other weekend? How would you feel about that? What if your only time with your grandchild is over Christmas and Easter holidays and a few measly weeks over summer?

Do you care now?

You should.

I’ll give you a perfect and personal example… Before I met my husband I always held the belief that in cases of divorce, parents should automatically share equal custody. But I never spoke about it, it was just a personal belief. I never thought much about it. I just assumed when couples separate, they share/split everything equally. Including time spent with their children between two different homes. Then I met my husband. Hand in hand, side by side we faced a series of grueling custody trials, JDRs, and mediation, over the course of 8 years.

Today my husband finally has 50/50 custody of his daughter ( my step daughter). But it was something he had to fight for.Now I get it. Now I understand. Now I care. Now I want change. Now I want to make a difference so that no one else ever has to go through what my husband went through just to have parental equality.

A basic human right, that should be a right we shouldn’t have to fight for at all. Fighting for Father’s rights is essentially fighting for children’s rights.

Don’t you believe all children deserve the right to be raised by both loving parents?

Thank you