New Jersey police shoot unarmed shirtless man in a front yard

Officers say that the man was holding a bomb when they decided to shoot him but witnesses say he was unarmed

A lawsuit was recently filed by an East Haven man over an incident that happened while in court in January of 2017.…

"However, an incident report filed by Dadio states as he was touring the cell block tour, Matta yelled out. Upon turning to look at Matta, the inmate allegedly spit in Dadio’s eye. The report said Dadio then called out for assistance and gave a verbal command for Matta to step back and place his hands down by his waist.

“Matta then stepped back and took a fighting stance,” Dadio wrote. “I then gave Matta a command to comply or he will be sprayed. He refused that command and said, ‘We all going to fight.’”

The report states Dadio opened the cell door and gave one-quarter second burst of pepper spray. Dadio and the other marshals then went into the cell and placed Matta in a prone position. However, Matta allegedly continued to fight, so the marshals then placed his hands behind his back. Once Matta calmed down, the report states Colon washed the pepper spray from his eyes.