Tax Freedom Institute

Our tax professionals are committed to the defense of taxpayers' rights and the elimination of IRS abuse.

Founded by Daniel J Pilla, the Tax Freedom Institute is dedicated to providing taxpayers with a proven source for qualified, experienced tax professional services.

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Dan Pilla always says, "There is no such thing as a hopeless tax case. Citizens really have so many rights, if you know just a few of them you will never pay taxes, interest or IRS penalties you don't owe."

If you are presently embroiled in IRS conflict and need word of encouragement, then read the following...

FACT ONE: Last year the IRS cancelled 4.9 million penalties, saving taxpayers $11.13 billion in penalties they didn't owe..

FACT TWO: When properly challenged, the IRS cancels 60 cents of every dollar assessed in employment tax penalties.

FACT THREE: There are four IRS approved programs of tax debt forgiveness.

FACT FOUR: The IRS settles delinquent tax debt for between 10 to 20 cents on the dollar when a proper request is made for tax debt forgiveness.

FACT FIVE: By asserting the right to a correspondence audit, the average tax audit bill was reduced by as much as 58%.

FACT SIX: Last year, millions of citizens won installment agreements, thus avoiding wage and bank levies and property seizures.

FACT SEVEN: IRS auditors have NO POWER to change your tax liability without YOUR approval.

The Tax Freedom Institute does not set, charge or collect any fees for professional services. The purpose of this internet site is only to provide information about the Institute, your taxpayer rights, and those professionals who continue to educate themselves in the area of taxpayer rights defense.