Part VI: Enforced Tax Collection (Problems 21-29)

Virtually all of the horror stories we hear about the IRS grow from enforced tax collection.

Enforced tax collection involves the IRS's power of lien, levy and seizure. These potent weapons allow the agency to take virtually all of the property one owns in order to satisfy the outstanding debt. With that kind of power, there is little doubt its exercise leads to abuse.

For example, one IRS report showed that as many as 25 percent of the assessments on the books were attributed to duplication or administrative error. One General Accounting Office report showed that the IRS's data processing systems are so bad the agency is routinely pursuing collection from citizens who already paid their taxes. An internal audit conducted in 1998 concluded that the agency violated federal law by imposing production quotas on tax collectors. Still another internal audit showed that collectors routinely violated the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights Act as well as the IRS's own rules and procedures while carrying out the collection process. Given the fact that the agency possesses awesome collection weapons, it is intolerable that such problems exist even after all the so-called IRS reform.

Problem 21 The IRS is threatening a wage or bank levy
Problem 22 I cannot afford an installment payment
Problem 23 The IRS has a wage or bank levy in effect
Problem 24 The IRS filed a tax lien causing credit problems
Problem 25 I cannot get the IRS to recognize my letters and it continues to push ahead for enforced collection
Problem 26 I have not filed tax returns for years
Problem 27 My husband left me with a tax debt that I do not owe and cannot afford to pay
Problem 28 My IRS debt just keeps growing
Problem 29 I cannot afford a tax professional to help with my tax problem

The following books were mentioned in the above problems: