Tax Problem Solution Packages

Special Packages to Help You Solve Your Tax Problems

Solution Package # 1

Dan Pilla's IRS Abuse Prevention Package

Helps to solve these problems:
2, 8, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19

Don't have a tax problem...yet?

Double Your Tax Refund will help you take
all the deductions you are entitled to without fear.

How to Win Your Tax Audit is a must for anyone facing the possibility of a tax audit, facing identity theft and not being fearful to take the deductions you have a right to take. A must for every taxpayer and tax preparer.

Package # 1: How to Double Your Tax Refund (retail $24.95) How to Win Your Tax Audit (retail $29.95)

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Solution Package # 2

3 Best Sellers

Helps to solve problems listed in package 1, plus:
1, 5, 6-8, 10-17, 19, 22-26, 28

In addition to the latest Tax Amnesty book, you get Dan's book, The IRS Problem Solver, ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the number 1 tax book in America. You also get How to Win Your Tax Audit, the most comprehensive tax audit defense guide ever written for the public. This material will help you solve tax collection problems, deal with IRS notices, penalties and interest and any kind of IRS audit. Order Now!

Package # 2: How to Get Tax Amnesty, The IRS Problem Solver, How to Win Your Tax Audit

Save $10 All Three . . . $75.00 ORDER NOW!

Solution Package # 3

Complete IRS Defense Library

Helps to solve problems listed in package 2, plus:
9, 18, 21, 27, 29

All of Dan's Current books, FOIA kit, plus 1 year subscription to
Dan's electronic newsletter, Pilla Talks Taxes.

Tax laws are complex and confusing. But as Dan Pilla always says, if you know just a few of your taxpayer rights, you'll never be abused by the IRS and you'll never pay more than you owe. Whether for personal or business use, no one should be without this complete library. The material here addresses every kind of tax problem you can imagine and a few you probably can't. With our thorough indexes, you'll always have just what you need right at your fingertips.

Complete IRS Defense Library plus latest tax strategies found in his electronic newsletter Pilla Talks Taxes.

Save over 20% . . . $249.00 ORDER NOW!

Solution Package # 4

One Hour Personal Consultation

When you combine this service with a few of Dan' books, you'll have a complete IRS defense package at your fingertips!

Quite often, knowing just a few of your taxpayer rights:

will keep you from paying taxes you do not owe;
help you cancel penalties;
stop enforced collection actions
show you how to win the audit battle; and
how to pay less tax without more risk

Four 15 minute phone consultations

All consultations by appointment only.
Single consultation available for $75.00.
Call 1-800-553-6458 to set up your consultations.

Solution Package # 5

Stop the Madness; Know Your Rights; Solve Your Problem

Too often citizens lose their IRS battle because they cannot afford professional help - NOT ANYMORE! With this exclusive service provided by Dan Pilla, you can get the experienced, professional help you need now at an affordable price. Now you can afford to WIN!

Designed to end you tax debt problem once and for all!
Personal--Dan builds a custom plan specific to your situation.
Effective --With one year unlimited access directly to Dan. Set up an appointment whenever you have a question.
Comprehensive -- Can cover both federal and state tax debts.

$1,200.00 for full year benefits

Add $600 if also wish to cover State tax debt.

Best deal yet: Combine a tax debt evaluation and unlimited access to Dan for a year!

For more information on how the Tax Solution Network professional service can bring an end to your tax collection nightmare, contact us.

Books may be returned for refund within one month of purchase. Tapes and CDs returnable only if unopened. Refunds do not include shipping. Orders under $75 will not be refunded if the free consultation is used.

Consultations must be set up by calling us at 1-800-553-6458. Once a paid consultation has occurred with Dan Pilla, there is no refund of that consultation.


SHIPPING: Books and products will be shipped within 3 business days of order received via USPS Priority to arrive within 10 business days to a correct address. ​

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