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Dan Pilla and WINNING Publications, Inc. offer several IRS self-help defense publications.

How to Get Tax Amnesty is Dan’s all-time best-selling book with more than 220,000 copies in print. This material is indispensable for anyone facing tax debts they owe and can’t pay. This book covers: Wage and Bank Levies, Removal of tax liens, prevention of property seizures, and negotiating settlements with the IRS.
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A step-by-step guide to preventing and recovering taxes on canceled Debt. Materials covered include: Home Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Canceled Student Loans, Credit Card Debt Reduction, 1099-C's, and more!
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This is the most comprehensive audit defense guide ever written. The book takes you step-by-step through the audit process, from start to finish. This book is a must if you file a tax return, even if you’re not presently under audit.
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IRS Problem Solver
A general overview of tax situations and penalties. This book keeps a small IRS problem from becoming a big one. The Problem Solver book was ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the number 1 tax book in America. More Information

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Problem Solver Series Package (CD Set and Book)

Featuring nine devastating weapons against IRS abuse. Special material includes dealing with tax liens, innocent spouse issues and recovering wrongfully seized property.
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Use Dan's advice in this book to help you save on your taxes. Legally cut your taxes by finding legitimate deductions you didn't know you had.
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Stay current on new laws, strategies and defenses that show you how to protect and defend your rights, new ways to cut your taxes and how to avoid problems with the IRS. 10 issues per Year
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