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The IRS Problem Solver CD Set

The Associated Press once said that Dan Pilla probably knows more about the IRS than the commissioner. Now here’s your opportunity to tap into Dan’s 30 years of experience in solving IRS problems.

This Five-part Audio Presentation that Brings the Nation's # 1 Tax Book to life!

Dan Pilla’s IRS Problem Solver Series is a five-part audio presentation that brings to life the number 1 tax book in America, The IRS Problem Solver. This series consists of Dan’s book on five audio CDs plus one CD containing a 26-page workbook -six CDs in all. $99.95 Order Now

SAVE! Order the IRS PROBLEM SOLVER PACKAGE -includes the CD set and Problem Solver book! $115.00 Order Now

Taxpayers' Defense Conference CD Sets

Dan provides up to ten hours of live presentation on the latest developments in our tax laws and taxpayers' rights. The annual Taxpayers' Defense Conference takes place each fall. ​
Audio sets available in USB/MP3 format or CD Sets.

2017: Audit Attacks on Small Businesses $149.00
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2016: Installment Agreement Negotiations $149.00
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2015 Offer in Compromise- Start to Finish $149.00
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2014 Collection Due Process "Our Jewel" $149.00
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2013 Robust and Sophisticated Enforcement $149.00
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2012 IRS - The Face of National Healthcare $149.00
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2011 The IRS in Real Time $149.00
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Tax Professionals - are you in need of educational credits?

We are an IRS approved CE provider and offer the 2013-on Taxpayers Defense Conference Audio Sets with credit hours. Audio recordings, outlines and CE quizzers for CE credits included in each set. Sets available for $225 per set.

Need more Educational Credits?
Check out the Taxpayers Defense Conference

The Tax Solutions Seminar DVD

Tax Solutions Seminars have helped thousands of others and can help you, too! Tax Solutions Seminars are information-packed conferences that can help you whether you have a problem, want to avoid problems or want to make sure you're not paying more taxes than you owe. Seminar topics include tax-saving strategies and tax debt remedies.

$19.95 ORDER NOW

Stairway to Freedom (DVD)

How to solve your IRS problems without the high cost of professional help. Learn your five most sacred taxpayer rights, how to prevent IRS problems before they start, how to negotiate effectively with the IRS, how to cut taxes, how to claim more deductions, and how to be forgiven for back tax debt.

$19.95 Order Now!

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