What is America's DNA?

A Comprehensive Analysis of America's Founding Principals

Increasingly, secularists are winning the debate, and as they do,Christian principles are being driven from our culture. It started as a very slow movement but now Christianity has been scrubbed from our schools, our public councils and agencies, and from government in general. Organizations like the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU regularly bring lawsuits against local government agencies and school boards seeking to wash all vestiges of Christianity from public view.

The courts at all levels are only too happy to oblige them, claiming that the “separation of church and state” requires that all Christian ideas, beliefs and practices be expunged from the public square. Statutes and plaques depicting the Ten Commandments are removed from public parks and courthouses. Prayer is forbidden in the classrooms of public schools and on playgrounds. Nativity scenes are evicted from public grounds. We’ve even reached the point where we can’t refer to Christmas as “Christmas,” but must call it “the Winter Holiday.”

We are told this is so because secular people founded America as a secular nation. But is this true? To answer the question, let’s
closely examine America’s “organic” founding legal documents. These documents reveal who we really are. They reveal America’s DNA.