Our Mission

This is what we stand for - so you know whether you want to stand with us.

Our mission is to offer new stories that help humanity shift from the current Story of Separation, which sees us all in competition with everything else for survival, to a Story of Interbeing, which sees humanity as belonging to an interconnected web of life.

We accomplish this by sharing video and written stories that offer this more holistic view of the world. While the topics of the content we post may appear to be all over the map, you will actually find them related to one of these categories. We chose these topics because we feel they are all equally important pursuits that cumulatively will help all of us lead more sustainable and integrated lives.

  • Animal Intelligence - The dominant story about animals is that they are lesser beings, incapable of experiencing emotion, culture, loss, or joy. Those of us with pets know this is completely false, yet this pervasive belief is what enables us to institutionalize animal cruelty, treating them as an object without any will of its own, separating ourselves from the rest of Nature in the process. When we tell and share stories about animal’s intelligence, compassion, or any other emotional experience, we disrupt the mainstream narrative and make it easier for humanity to re-integrate itself within the broader web of life.
  • Authentic Self - Living in the world today requires most of us to play roles that may conflict with our core passions and values. Many of us learn to wear a mask that helps us to play that role in the earth-destroying economy. While the roles serve a purpose and can not be entirely abandoned, it is important that we not forget who we truly are underneath that mask and the gifts we have to give to the world. The world desperately needs authentic people who have come alive pursuing their passions and gifts towards a better world for all.
  • Decentralization - For the past several millennia, humans have been organizing themselves in a centralized, hierarchical manner, which has brought incredible achievements but at a tremendous cost. While we can and should reform that system, the focus of Sustainable Human is to highlight and promote the emerging de-centralization movement. We primarily focus on open source, bottom-up, peer-to-peer, voluntary solutions that can serve as a counterweight to centralized forces in the world. Look for topics relating to cryptocurrency, the peer-to-peer revolution, and the sharing economy.
  • Faulty Thinking - When we take a close look at the crises of the world - whether they be climate, political, economic, interpersonal, social, or cultural - we will find buried deep underneath them some faulty thinking. This faulty thinking is usually based on an obsolete story that is no longer serving us well. Part of this transition to a more sustainable society involves questioning some of the fundamental assumptions we make about ourselves and our relationship to the world around us. When we are open and receptive, we give a new world a chance to be born.
  • Eco Living - The way most humans live today is not sustainable. It’s not really their fault as they are forced to participate in an unsustainable economic system based on infinite growth at the expense of the natural world. We need alternative ways of living that help us to live in balance with nature. Biomimicry, permaculture, urban farming, low carbon lifestyles and alternatives, and any other way we can live more sustainably are all valid topics for this category.
  • Gifting and Gratitude - Life is a gift. No one earned their life. We didn’t earn the sun; we didn’t earn the land; we didn’t earn the water or a planet with so many varieties of food to enjoy. All of it is a gift. And the proper response to receiving a gift is gratitude and the desire to give back. We have created an economy that has turned these gifts into commodities that we must buy, causing many of us to lose sight of the fact that life is a gift. When we live from this knowledge globally, our attention will turn away from the Story of Separation and towards the Story of Interbeing.
  • Humor - One of the best ways to bring joy into this world is through laughter. We should always remember not to take ourselves too seriously. Because if we can’t laugh once in awhile, what is it all for?
  • Interbeing (Interconnection) - Interbeing is one of many new paradigm stories that are emerging to help humanity transition away from its destructive phase. It goes even deeper than interdependence. It says that your being is necessary for my being, that I cannot exist without the rest of the web of life that I am connected to. It is contrary to the Story of Separation, which says that my being is separate from the rest of the world.
  • Moral Questions - One of the reasons we are facing so many environmental, economic, and social crises is because we do not have a moral question that governs our society. Instead, we hope that by collectively maximizing profit, we will somehow achieve the best possible outcome. Many indigenous tribes had a moral question that guided their society. Well, Sustainable Human will start asking them. How we respond will influence the future we create.
  • New Economics - Our current grow-or-die economy is the main culprit to many of the environmental and social crises we face today. We need alternatives that go far beyond any systems ever thought of previously - alternatives that are better capable of meeting the needs of its citizens while drastically reducing humanity’s environmental footprint. Alternative currencies, new economic concepts and theories, and ways of working together are all on the table.
  • New Story Wisdom - We have built a global society based on the faulty thinking that humanity is separate from Nature, when in fact we are part of the broader web of life that keeps it thriving on this planet. We need to re-examine our values and assumptions about the world and each other and align them with wisdom from new stories that help us to live from the knowledge that everything is fundamentally connected to everything else.
  • Personal Healing and Transformation - The world we have inherited is soul-crushing. To function in this world is no easy feat. The lack of concern, isolation, and loneliness that is epidemic in society can lead anyone to lose their mind (and if they don’t lose that, they may lose their soul). Almost all of us live with PTSD caused from the survival anxiety that stems from economic scarcity (of money or time). Many of us need to heal from the trauma we have experienced and transform ourselves in order to become fully connected beings operating from gratitude. Look for other personal stories from people on the wisdom they learned from their transformations.
  • Power of Nature - We are Nature. It is important we not forget that. We need to see the inherent wisdom and beauty of the natural world, study how and why it works, and create human systems that mimic and integrate with it. We learned to fly by watching the birds. We learned to swim by watching the fish. So we must learn to be sustainable by observing how the rest of Nature and the animal kingdom operates by leaving no waste and taking only what you need thus ensuring that every being has enough to not only survive by thrive.
  • Presence - The future and the past don’t exist, yet they consume so much of our time in the form of worry and regret. In the present moment lies everything that makes life worth living. Beauty, love, gratitude, kindness, generosity all exist now. With a world so preoccupied with the future, it is no wonder why these virtues seem to be in short supply. No matter - we can tap into them anytime we refocus our energy on the eternal Now. Let’s focus on making each moment the best that it can be and let the rest take care of itself.
  • Sacred Activism - Activism plays an important role in fighting against the destruction of the earth-destroying and soul-crushing economy that seeks to turn every last natural resource into a product for sale. But it is important to remember that if we want to create a new society, the way we protest matters. We cannot use the same forceful tactics that the powers that be use. To do so easily fits within their narrative. Instead, our methods must include non-violence and inclusion. We can’t simply overthrow the 1%. Then a new 1% will take their place. We must create the 100%.
  • Self Empowerment - This world can beat you down. Sometimes, it can make you give up and not even want to try. We have every motivation to want to hunker down with our loved ones and protect them. But if those of us who are aware of the issues do this, we know it is only a matter of time before our individual lives become unsustainable as well. We must empower each other to use our unique talents and gifts towards creating a more sustainable world for our future generations.
  • Shaming The Old - Stories have power over our lives. Many of us will cling to a destructive story because it is all we know. But we must be able to loosen the grip of these stories that no longer serve us well. While shaming a person is never a good idea, shaming an idea can help that idea to become less popular. What if instead of putting the most wealthy people on the covers of magazines, we put the people who did the most good for the world on them?
  • Sustainable Values - The society in which we live is based on unsustainable values like ruthless competition, greed, consumption, and hierarchy. These are values that Nature holds in very low regard. A sustainable society must be built on sustainable values - values like love, empathy, cooperation, equity, trust, gratitude - realizing that when one suffers, the whole also suffers.
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