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It's Time To Reclaim The Street

A beautiful music video inviting us to reclaim our streets and community!

The streets are our modern day commons. It is the place where we connect, play, and engage with each other to create a more sustainable world.

I love this idea. Once a year a neighboring street will have a block party. A neighbors band will play and people bring food to share. I look forward to it every year.

it seems the parts where people were out in the streets was in Europe and the parts where the freeways divide folks is in the US. I have to agree with this based on my experience. There may be some places in the US where people play on the streets, but I'd say not that many. I grew up at least part of my life outside of the US and playing on dirt streets, exploring and just being OUT. I only lived there till I was 7, so I was probably going out with my little friends at 5-7 years old, just hanging. Do parents let their 5 & 7 year olds just roam the neighborhood here in the US? ...I know I don


Totally man. I used to be out there in the streets until the sun came down. Experiencing independence outdoors was a natural part of human life up until about a decade or two ago, at least in the developed world.