Why Libertarians Should Read the "Great Books"

Regardless of which "Great Books" list you peruse, you are looking at works that have—in myriad ways—contributed to the intellectual foreground of cultural, social, and political institutions of the West (past and extant).

If you are reading this blog, then you have probably read The Federalist Papers, Human Action, End the Fed,…

What about Metamorphoses, Nicomachean Ethics, The Divine Comedy, and House of Mirth? If you went to a small liberal arts college or if you are an avid reader, some of those titles may be familiar to you. At the very least, the authors of these works—Ovid, Aristotle, Dante, and Edith Wharton—sound familiar. They do not constitute any movement, school of thought, or literary genre. The authors come from disparate epochs, cultures, and ways of thinking. Ostensibly, none of these works convey libertarian ideas or themes—though we can glean something from Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.