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Notice the selling spikes continue to lessen. That's a bullish sign.

That chart illustrates your point extremely well - great observation. Once ABX turns upward and it becomes clear that it is in Wave 3 of a new major bull move...it'll head much higher!


I've been thinking of averaging down a bit more presently on it. But, it's only down a few bucks, so not sure if it's worth it. Your thoughts?

Thanks. Yes, notice when fellow subscribers who are still in it have been apt to doubt themselves and their investments? It's almost always in either wave 2 or C. That's how real Elliott Waves are.


I wouldn't average down for very little benefit, breakeven cost-wise. Our LI pick that's a mining ETF is a better way to be invested in it right now, which also contains ABX within it.

Ya, that's kinda what I thought too. I'm looking forward to the profits!!! Thanks.


Yep. It’s a strong company. One of the largest miners in the world.