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VALE completed its long-term downtrend coming into 2016. Then, any way you look at it, the red downtrend lines are confirmed as broken, which confirms the uptrend. Next, VALE takes on its $11-$12ish resistance. Soon it will likely break above it and unleash the next thrust higher in the uptrend.

The Chart indicates VALE however, I believe you are discussing TECK. Can you please confirm? Thank you sir.

You are SO right. I did mean Vale and for some reason did put Teck.

It's fixed now. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

Thank YOU for still taking the time to field questions and provided input with the former portfolio. That "over sight" peace of mind along with the knowledge you have taught us over the years is invaluable. God Bless


You're welcome. I'm happy to do it. I feel its only right to offer insights since I didn't get the opportunity to see it all through to completion there. You've probably already seen this video that covers all of our former positions and their sell zones for you to note. But just in case you haven't, I'm putting the link to it here. https://www.themaven.net/seanhyman/premium/sell-zones-for-former-uwr-ap-positions-WK96K4p0NUGCWoY92ktv8Q

Think you shared VALE to 14/15, then possibly to 26

These are its next resistances within its newer uptrend. With a five-wave uptrend in play, it should have no problem blowing through the first resistance zone. So the top one/highest one, is the one that would likely be its biggest challenge.

I have to laugh every time VALE is mentioned, I averaged down all the way to $2.12 and then backed up the truck. Still holding, this will undoubtedly be my best stock performance to date if it will go to the mid 20's


Glad to hear you've done so well on it. We're in a good season for commodity stocks. Newly birthed uptrends and one of the few pockets of value in the entire market.