I am holding ABX. Would you advise averaging down?

I am holding ABX. Would you advise averaging down?

Today's price is a little over 12% lower than my average acquisition cost.

Could be worth considering then.

Also, I like how the selling volume continues to die down.

Thanks. Your new format is great!


I appreciate that. I'm glad you like it.

Great Info. I was wondering about it as well.


Am I remembering correctly that there are 3 waves and that 3 is the longest and if indicators are bullish that is a gradual uptrend? I had taken a great profit a while back. My buy in price had been at $9 and change and I sold at $16 and change. Don't suppose it will go that low again but it is moving below my sale price and I was wondering whether to consider buying some again if there is an impressive uptrend still left?

Its pulled back to a zone of support now and its likely completed wave 2, either scenario. Wave 3's tend to be the longest waves, more times than not. Waves 5 can be the longest, but are not as common. Yes, I remember, your last profit was HUGE on it. That was a 77% gain. And as long as gold rises as I expect it to, it would only widen out the profit margins of these huge miners like ABX which would increase their earnings. And that would be bullish for the stock.

Once it holds at $19 or above, it should confirm that we're in wave 3.