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Hi Sean, I'm holding positions in both GLD and PHYS...can you explain main difference between the two and if you think there it makes to sell PHYS and buy more of GLD or continue to hold both? Thanks!!

I can't speak to all of their differences. One is an ETF, the other a closed-end mutual fund. GLD has much higher trading volumes and is more liquid. Both should rise pretty much the same when gold itself rises. So there's probably not a reason to sell your PHYS and buy GLD. That would likely just generate another commission cost. But GLD is my preference because of its average trading volume and its ease to get into and out of.

Thanks so much Sean!...glad I held on to your UWR portfolio picks...they are beginning to pay off with some huge returns across the board!!


You're welcome. Yes, that's the beauty of buying huge companies. The statistical likelihood of them surviving and thriving is great. Real-life investing just takes patience. But patience is rewarded.