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Notice the most negative phases are between wave C and wave 2 (red boxed area). The numerous, huge red volume spikes likely shows the sellers have been washed out of the investment and it makes it easier for the buyers to now be in control of the stock.



Looks like its poised for its next major leg higher.

Finally!!! Lol


Yep, sometimes it takes a bit to totally wash out the bulk of sellers.

Since wave one climbed from under one dollar to almost four dollars, do you expect wave three to take the stock price up to seven dollars or beyond? Wave two dropped to around the two dollar area, so from there to seven dollars for wave three would be a little more than wave one (appreciation) .

I’m on a trip and away from my computer, but Wave 3’s are longer than wave 1’s. So I take the length of Wave 1 and add it to the end/bottom of Wave 2 and project that length higher and it tells me that the next wave (wave 3) should go longer than what I measured.